10,000 Harunis

Haruni 10K Projects
Haruni 10K Projects

There are now 10,000 Harunis on Ravelry! I’m going to say that again, because I still can’t believe it – as of today, November 13, 2015, there are ten thousand Haruni projects listed on Ravelry.com. This boggles my mind. I owe a huge thank you to all the knitters out there who have made this shawl, and shared their stories with me. I never would have thought that the small shawl I made for my Grandma would travel around the world, and be enjoyed by so many wonderful people.

The collage (expertly made by Brian) shows a random selection of 300 project photos. If you’d like to download a full resolution file and try to hunt for yours, you can do so here (9 MB).

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