Happy 2017!

Happy New Year from team knitterain!

It’s been another busy year here at team knitterain. The headline news for 2016 here at team knitterain is that we have a beautiful website! Thanks to Brian’s superhuman efforts, knitterain.com is up and running. The amount of time, research, testing, problem solving, and general tenacity Brian put into this project is truly remarkable.

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Making it Work – My Design Process

“Nothing ever works right the first time. You have to make it work”

– Thomas Edison

I’m a bit jealous of  designers who can see a sunset and translate that inspiration directly into a  pattern. My design process is always considerably more drawn out, and I often end up with something that bears little resemblance to my original idea.

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Slogan, slogan complete!


I’ve been feeling a bit like Goldilocks lately, and it has nothing to do with my hair. I have been trying to come up with the perfect slogan for knitterain for many months now, and have been unable to make a final decision. Some ideas are too simple, some are too clunky.  Some sound conceited, some sound downright silly. Some are accurate but boring, some are catchy but not relevant.

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