Our FAQ is focused on general questions that do not pertain to pattern execution.

Q. What is the Wholesale Shop?


  • The Wholesale Shop is a way to purchase a series of non-expiring, unique product voucher codes for knitterain.com products, at a reduced price. This is a great option for teachers, knitting groups, indie dyers looking to create kits, or promotional use.
  • The minimum purchase is 10 vouchers per product, above 10 you may purchase as many as you like. After completing your purchase, we will create a CSV file and attach it to your order when complete. This is a manual process, and we do our best to get these to you within 24 to 48 hours. You will receive an email when this process is complete, you can then download the file in the “My Account” area of our website under “Orders”, then view your order.
  • Each non-expiring voucher is a unique, one time use code good for the entire purchase price of one specific product. For example, you may want to print and include an individual code with each one of your kits, email individual codes directly to students, or merge them in your next email marketing campaign. Treat each code like cash.
  • To redeem a voucher, the recipient will add the related item to their cart and apply the code during checkout. If the recipient is simply redeeming the voucher for the related product, then they will not need to enter any payment information. All purchases on knitterain.com require the customer to create an account. This allows customers to re-download our products at any time and automatically receive updated files when released. Customers will find their downloads in the “My Account” area of our website under “Downloads”. Vouchers are only valid on knitterain.com and cannot be transferred.

Q. Can I sell / donate items made using knitterain.com patterns?

A. Yes, absolutely! Where possible, please cite the pattern name, designer name (Emily Ross), and website (knitterain.com).

Q. Can I use knitterain.com patterns to teach a class?


  • If you are using one of our free patterns, yes!
  • If you would like to use one of our paid patterns to teach a class, then everyone in the class needs their own copy, per our copyright. Please visit the Wholesale Shop to purchase vouchers for your class.

Q. Are your patterns available in languages other than English?

A. English is the only official language for knitterain.com products and support, however we will always do our best to help. Some of our dedicated fans of Haruni have made translations available in other languages. We have agreed to be a central resource for these files, you can find them here. Please understand that we cannot guarantee support for these translations.

Q. Can I purchase a printed copy of your patterns?

A. No, not directly. If your local yarn store participates in the Ravelry In-Store Pattern Sales Program, you can purchase and print many of our patterns there. If you feel this is a service that we should provide, please contact us.

Q. I’m a blogger and I want to feature your pattern(s) on my blog, can I use your images?

A. We would love to be featured on your blog! The images on knitterain.com are copyrighted, please contact us so we can provide you with the specific resources you need.