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While preparing to release our first MKAL (mystery knit-a-long) it seemed like the perfect opportunity to explain exactly what a MKAL is, and our approach.

A MKAL is simply a new design that is split into several sections (clues) that are released over time. Generally, knitters sign up by obtaining the pattern prior to release of the first clue. Participating in a MKAL is a social experience where knitters are encouraged to discuss and share their progress with others while realizing the finished design together.

Every designer has their own approach to designing and running a MKAL, and it is important to choose one that you’re reasonably confident will be worth your time and effort. Here are some of the things you can look forward to in a knitterain MKAL.

11 Reasons why we think you will love our MKAL

  1. All clues have been test knit and edited prior to release of the MKAL. The process should be a surprise to the knitter, not the designer!
  2. We work hard to ensure each clue is unique; you shouldn’t have to wait a week to be told to repeat the previous clue 3 more times!
  3. The finished item will look and feel cohesive, not a hodgepodge of different ideas.
  4. We make sure that the MKAL matches our overall aesthetic.
  5. We are readily available to answer questions.
  6. MKALs are a great opportunity to learn a new skill, and get to know your fellow knitterain fans!
  7. Our MKALs are announced at least 2 weeks before the release of the first clue. This gives you time to clear your needles, choose your yarn, and work a gauge swatch.
  8. Clues will be released on a published schedule, arranged to allow the majority of knitters to complete each clue. In fact, many knitters are able to keep up with the MKAL schedule while simultaneously working on other projects.
  9. Each clue will be available throughout the duration of the MKAL, so if you start a week or two late you can still experience the mystery from clue to clue.
  10. Each clue will have two discussion threads. One for photos, one for questions.
  11. You will be notified via email and Ravelry message when each new clue is available, as well as when the final pattern is published.

Sound Like Fun?

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