Slogan, slogan complete!


I’ve been feeling a bit like Goldilocks lately, and it has nothing to do with my hair. I have been trying to come up with the perfect slogan for knitterain for many months now, and have been unable to make a final decision. Some ideas are too simple, some are too clunky.  Some sound conceited, some sound downright silly. Some are accurate but boring, some are catchy but not relevant.

I had long lists full of adjectives on my computer and I had consulted the thesaurus more than when I was in college. I asked countless people for input, and I still couldn’t come up with anything better than the place-holder slogan, “innovative and logical lace knitting designs”.

Brian and I were discussing this issue yet again the other night as he was designing business cards for us. We eventually decided to sleep on it, and overnight we independently came up with similar slogans. They shared the same theme, but Brian’s idea was better, and “knitting design done right” was born.

I love this slogan because it reflects the work that both Brian and I put into knitterain designs. When I have a new idea for a design floating around in my head I often have to knit 2, 3,  or even more full samples before I get it right. I’ll think I’m finished, then I take a closer look at the design and realize I could do some transition more smoothly, or that this increase would look better than that increase, and back I go to the beginning. This is a slow process, but I feel it is important to get the details right.

After the design portion of the pattern is finished Brian steps in and makes sure that everything else is perfect. The list of details that Brian corrects, checks, and double checks is staggering. It includes virtually everything you see on the page, from the beautiful photographs to the legible font. He creates logical page breaks, fully functioning bookmarks,  consistent layout features and countless other details.

I feel like we’ve finally found the slogan equivalent of baby bear’s porridge. It’s not too long, it’s not too short. Not too specific, and not too vague. It is informative, engaging, and represents what we both put into knitterain patterns. And most importantly, it just feels right.

“knitting design done right”

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I love it!

Roxy64 on Ravelry
Roxy64 on Ravelry



Oh that’s “just right”!


And very true. I love the detail in your designs and appreciate the work that goes into it. I am looking forward to knitting more of your designs.


Love it!