Meet team knitterain

knitterain is a husband and wife team dedicated to creating high quality knitting patterns for your enjoyment. Emily is an active duty military musician, Brian retired from active military service in 2018 and has started his commercial photography business. Emily and Brian live in Virginia with the newest member of team knitterain, Maisie, who holds the official title of “Munchkin”.

knitterain was founded on December 31st, 2009, at 2219 (10:19 PM) with the launch of our first pattern, Haruni.

knitting design done right

Emily Ross
Emily, knitting guru
Emily is a third generation knitter, who became obsessed with it after discovering lace knitting in 2007. Always one to tinker with a pattern, she finally decided to just make her own. She enjoys creating patterns that are complex enough to never be boring, but intuitive enough to quickly memorize.

Brian Ross
Brian, tech monkey
Brian brings a diverse and ever widening skill set to team knitterain. An audio engineer by trade, he does virtually everything that isn’t directly yarn related. This includes photography, graphic design, web design, web development, and pattern layout, among many other skills.